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Psychological problems

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When i was 4 my dad died of kidney failure. since then i guess ive tried to replacemy dad with bouyfriends(not a good choice). ive been in 1 relationship where he cheated with my former bestfriend and one where my boyfriend was shot due to gang violence. since those ive...
We date with my girlfriend for 2 months (absolutely in love). She had serious relationship before (4 years). I'm a total idiot and selfish bastard when I don’t want her to communicate with him?Just for info. At the beginning he deleted her. Then he started to wr...
Nicke Li flag
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Have you somebody feel the same or I'm such a unique case?Not that I did not enjoy anybody I have one very good friend of mine but we do not see so often ... majority of my classmates have nothing to say. They are too superficial for my taste. I don’t mean it wr...
Dani flag
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Love is hard and it makes us do stupid things....but this isnt me. Ive been In H.S.all these boys tell me "Dani youre soo hot but lose some weight" but i like me when i look in the mirror. my bestfriend is a guy and he says its cute to have curves but even with that i f...
Libo flag
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Since I have started to have sex with my boyfriend regulary I have chronic fear of becoming pregnant. Even if I get my period I am still afraid cause I have red somewhere you can become pregnant even if you have period. I even dont want to have sex with him. It just ma...
Jann Ice flag
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I have a little problem with my weight. I have never been the skinny one but since one year ago I started to get fatter that even my parents realised! I am 16 years old, 5' 4" tall and have horrible 178 lb! I try to eat quite healthy 4-5 times a day small portions of f...
Inky flag
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I dont wanna go to school anymore!!!! There's one terrible bunch bullying me! They are waiting for me every day and heckle. Once they locked me up at the toilet and I couldnt get out for two hours!! I dont know what to do please help me! No way to say it at home I am to...
Nicky88 flag
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I have a very good friend of mine since i was 10. We used to go to hight school together and finally we´ve chosen the same university to study. And that was the point when his problems´ve started. He´s begun to drink so much! He is so drunk every second day he cant eve...
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