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Health problems

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Dani flag
icon 08.09.2012 icon 4x icon 8411x
Love is hard and it makes us do stupid things....but this isnt me. Ive been In H.S.all these boys tell me "Dani youre soo hot but lose some weight" but i like me when i look in the mirror. my bestfriend is a guy and he says its cute to have curves but even with that i f...
Libo flag
icon 24.08.2012 icon 8x icon 5435x
Since I have started to have sex with my boyfriend regulary I have chronic fear of becoming pregnant. Even if I get my period I am still afraid cause I have red somewhere you can become pregnant even if you have period. I even dont want to have sex with him. It just ma...
Jann Ice flag
icon 24.08.2012 icon 5x icon 3821x
I have a little problem with my weight. I have never been the skinny one but since one year ago I started to get fatter that even my parents realised! I am 16 years old, 5' 4" tall and have horrible 178 lb! I try to eat quite healthy 4-5 times a day small portions of f...
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