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I dont wanna go to school anymore!!!! There's one terrible bunch bullying me! They are waiting for me every day and heckle. Once they locked me up at the toilet and I couldnt get out for two hours!! I dont know what to do please help me! No way to say it at home I am tooo ashamed of it:(
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Takeo (nereg. uživatel)  Friday, 23. November, 10:14
Yup, that'll do it. You have my appercaition.

Kryptonite95 Kryptonite95,  Saturday, 08. September, 21:18
You can't stay quiet. You have to tell someone. At first, you might be scared and ashamed of it, but once you get it out of your system, you'll feel better. Talk to your counselor or someone you trust. A friend, parent, teacher, grandparent. You can't keep being treated like that. Take it from someone who's been through it before. Talking helps. Just be careful and keep your head held high.

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