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Dont wanna be fat!
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I have a little problem with my weight. I have never been the skinny one but since one year ago I started to get fatter that even my parents realised! I am 16 years old, 5' 4" tall and have horrible 178 lb! I try to eat quite healthy 4-5 times a day small portions of food. I am not a big fan of sports despite that I am running or swimming at least 2 times a week. Even that my weight is still growing. I dont know what i do wrong:( I will be grateful for any advice or suggestion.
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Kryptonite95 Kryptonite95,  Saturday, 08. September, 21:30
I get what you mean. My weight doesn't seem to go down either. I think you should talk to your family doctor. They should have a better plan for you. But for now, you could try eating an apple every night before you go to sleep. xD

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