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Should i have sex with him?

Should i have sex with him?
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I am 15 years old girl and I am dating the most beautiful boy in school:) He is already 18. I love him so much!!! But there is one problem he do want me to have sex with him but I dont feel ready yet. He doesnt want to understand that and I cant imagine my life without him!!! I am affraid he will break up with me. Should i have sex with him?
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Jayna (nereg. uživatel)  Friday, 23. November, 18:17
Please keep throniwg these posts up they help tons.

Ella (nereg. uživatel)  Friday, 23. November, 11:44
Okay I'm covninecd. Let's put it to action.

Kryptonite95 Kryptonite95,  Saturday, 08. September, 21:11
If you're not ready, then you're not ready. He shouldn't have to pressure you into doing something you don't want to if he loves you as well. Be honest with him. If you're honest and tell him, then he'll most likely understand, but if he takes it the wrong way, then it just wasn't meant to be. You shouldn't have to have anyone tell you what to do.

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