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Terrified of Love

Terrified of Love
21.09.2012 7x 7329x 1x
When i was 4 my dad died of kidney failure. since then i guess ive tried to replacemy dad with bouyfriends(not a good choice). ive been in 1 relationship where he cheated with my former bestfriend and one where my boyfriend was shot due to gang violence. since those ive been single...scared that something may go wrong again. scared to be heartbroken. but now a boy(11th grade..im 9th)is trying to talk to em and im TERRIFIED......im not sure what to do.
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Author:  Riju (nereg. uživatel)  Pátek, 23. listopad, 10:27
The heart of worship is all about Him. And lionvg Him strips away everything we don't need; all those things that Satan attempts to fool us into believing fill our emptiness. As much as you have grown, He has so much for for you and I'm excited to see you becoming. Love you.

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